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Want to own your own plane...

About Tailwinds Flying Club

Ok, you just filled a lifelong dream of getting your private pilot license.   Now, you need a plane to fly.   You could always buy one.   But aircraft ownership can be expensive – planes aren’t cheap, and there are a lot of operational expenses – hanger rental, aircraft maintenance costs, engine overhaul costs, insurance, etc.    You could also rent a plane.   But aircraft rental can also be expensive – FBOs and flight schools usually embed business operations costs and flight school overhead into their aircraft rental fees, leading to higher rental fees.

So, what if you could co-own an aircraft with several other pilots (that have the same aviation desires as you do), and SHARE the costs of ownership.   Hence, the foundation of Flying Clubs - A Flying Club is an organized group of pilots who come together in a cooperative effort to own and fly airplanes.    Check out AOPA's article on flying clubs, by clicking here.


Once you are checked out and signed off on our aircraft, you simply log into the scheduling website, reserve the aircraft for any available timeframe, head to the hangar, grab the plane, and go flying.   Our club takes pride in maintaining its aircraft and keeping them as clean as possible, as these are OUR aircraft, not rentals.     

Aircraft & Facilities

Currently, we have three planes.  The three Piper aircraft are equipped with the same avionics and in the spring of 2021 will be updated to completely new all glass panels with new digital autopilots.


Plane hourly rates are wet and based on tach time, not hobbs time.


Our philosophy of "flying great airplanes as inexpensively as possible" has drawn pilots to our club and keeps them flying.

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