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Our philosophy of flying great airplanes as inexpensively as possible has drawn pilots to our club and keeps them flying.

At the end of each month, each partner receives a bill for flight time accumulated in that month.   Flight time is based upon “tach” time, and encompasses both the hourly dry rate of the aircraft and fuel charges for fuel used.    Flight time rates vary each month, as the price of fuel varies.

Monthly Dues

Monthly dues covers the fixed costs of operating the club

Monthly Dues:  $164 / month

Hourly Rates


Archer II

Dry Rate:  $70

Useful Load:  990 lbs

Cruise Speed:  115 kts

Typical Fuel Burn:  9 gal/hr

Wet "Tach"

$120 / hr



Dry Rate: $104

Useful Load:   1230 lbs

Cruise Speed:  140 kts

Typical Fuel Burn:  12.5 gal/hr

Wet "Tach"

$170 / hr


Cherokee Six 300

Dry Rate: $105

Useful Load:  1280 lbs

Cruise Speed:  140 kts

Typical Fuel Burn:  14 gal/hr

Wet "Tach"

$175 / hr

(Costs reflect March 2024 fuel rates of $6.19/gallon.)

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